Why Support Us

Outreach and Education

Our main goal is to produce breakthrough results in biomedical research, but it is also focused outward with an eye toward translating discoveries into therapies and cures through its Office of Technology Development, educating its postdoctoral fellows to become leading scientists in the public and private sectors, and providing laboratory internships for talented high school and college students who are considering careers in biomedical science.
Office of Technology Development

By working to establish scientific and intellectual property rights, OTD brings our investigators together with biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms interested in their discoveries. In this way, the public investment in basic research is repaid many-fold in the form of improvements in medical therapies, diagnostics, and devices.

At least 125 postdoctoral fellows from more than 20 countries advance their education working in research teams here. These young scientists are our future leaders in science, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development. The Institute has an exceptional record at producing some of the world's most accomplished biomedical scientist.