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Help millions of patients

Millions of Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, and other immune-related illnesses such as cancer. We do not know many of their causes, and despite the development of promising new medications, we still don't have cures. Your donation to us willfund critical research that may lead to new medications, and even cures, for many of these serious and sometimes fatal diseases.

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Advance the boundaries of medical knowledge

Your gift can help us research space and build our endowment. This will expand research initiatives, lead to new biomedical knowledge, and increase the likelihood of helping millions worldwide fight diseases related to inflammation and immune-related disorders. Your generosity will also accelerate the creation of technologies that biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies can license to produce new treatments and cures.

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Partner with the best

With $30 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health, we are ranked in the top one percent nationally in funding per scientist.

Four of our principal scientists are members of the National Academy of Sciences.

Our investigators annually publish over 100 peer-reviewed articles in the world's leading scientific journals.

The Immune Disease Institute is academically affiliated with Harvard Medical School and is a key member of one of the world's most creative and productive networks of biomedical research, patient care, and education.

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