• Make a Gift of Securities

    Gifts of securities are always very welcome. They provide direct support for research, advanced training, and other valuable services at the Immune Disease Institute. In addition, gifted securities can provide substantial tax benefits to you, the donor, particularly if the securities are highly appreciated.

    If you hold the stock in a brokerage/custodial account, you can deliver the stock via Depositor Trust Corporation (DTC). Instructions for the delivery from your custodial account/broker should read:

    Participant #997
    Agent Bank #26022
    State Street Bank Account Number BWA1
    Attention: Dan Connolly
    For the Benefit of the Immune Disease Institute

    Accompany the shares with a signed Stock Power with a signature guarantee. Any bank can provide that service for you.

  • Make a Cash/Check Donation

    Donors may contribute to the Immune Disease Institute by writing a personal check made payable to the IDI and mailing it to the following address:

    IDI Associates Fund
    c/o Rachelle Rosenbaum
    3 Blackfan Circle, 3rd fl
    Boston, MA 02115

  • Make a Planned Gift

    A planned gift is any voluntary transfer of assets or property to IDI for any current or deferred purpose of the Institute. The assistance of a volunteer, a professional planned giving officer, or a personal adviser is required to complete the philanthropy. Planned gifts are among the most valuable and meaningful acts of philanthropy for you, the donor, and the Immune Disease Institute.

    Planned gifts can provide the donor with one or more of the following benefits:

    • Increased income
    • Deductions in income taxes
    • Estate tax deductions
    • Reduction or elimination of capital gains taxes
    • The conversion of low-yielding assets, including real estate, into attractive income streams
    • A transfer of wealth to family members while reducing estate and gift taxes

    Planned gifts include gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, real estate, retirement assets, and other types of asset transfer.

    We encourage you to consider a planned gift to IDI. Please consult with your personal financial adviser and/or tax attorney. Then you or your adviser should phone Rachelle Rosenbaum, Director of Development, at 617-713-8533.

  • Participate in our Events and Activities

    Donors and friends of the organization can give through participation in the our various educational and awareness-building events. Please check our Events and Seminars for more information.