2007 Announcements

MicroRNA regulates cancer stem cells

Image: MicroRNA regulates cancer stem cells

One of the biggest stories in cancer research over the past few years has been, unexpectedly, stem cells. Not embryonic stem cells, but tumor stem cells. These mutated cells, which live indefinitely and can seed new tumors, are… Read Full Article »

2007 Retreat Reaches New Highs

Image: 2007 Retreat Reaches New Highs

The highly successful IDI scientific retreat was held at the Seacrest Resort in North Falmouth from September 23-25. There was consensus at the end of the retreat that the environment fostered valuable interactions among the members of the… Read Full Article »

Dr. Nan Yan wins CFAR Award

Image: Dr. Nan Yan wins CFAR Award

Dr. Nan Yan recently received Harvard University's Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) award. Dr. Yan was recognized for his research proposal on human Staufen in intracellular trafficking of unspliced HIV RNA. In essence, Yan's discovery fosters idea that… Read Full Article »

Mary Rhodes Gibson Memorial Award

Image: Mary Rhodes Gibson Memorial Award

Anil Chauhan was named the first recipient of the Mary Rhodes Gibson Memorial Award in Hemostasis & Thrombosis by the American Society of Hematology. Dr. Chauhan was recognized for attaining the highest score on his abstract in the… Read Full Article »

What a Year!

Image: What a Year!

The first What A Year! story of academic year 2007-2008 features Dr. Denisa Wagner. Dr. Wagner's lab has been chosen as a site of innovative research centering on P-selectin by the Massachusetts Society for Medical Research (MSMR). The… Read Full Article »

Technology Deal with CytoDyn

Image: Technology Deal with CytoDyn

Therapeutic antibodies developed by IDI Senior Investigator Timothy Springer, Ph.D., have been licensed by CytoDyn, Inc. of Santa Fe, New Mexico. CytoDyn intends to use the antibodies for creating new targeted immune therapies for HIV/AIDS--a potential solution to… Read Full Article »

2007 Novartis Basic Immunology Prize

Image: 2007 Novartis Basic Immunology Prize

Two IDI investigators and a member of the scientific advisory board have been named as recipients of the 2007 Novartis Basic Immunology Prize. The prize will be awarded to Drs. Frederick W. Alt (on right in picture), Klaus… Read Full Article »

Speeding Therapies to the Brain

Image: Speeding Therapies to the Brain

Researchers at the Immune Disease Institute-formerly the Immune Disease Institute-have overcome a major hurdle in the delivery of therapeutics to the brain: getting past the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) which excludes most large and small molecule drugs. Their breakthrough research… Read Full Article »

Rajewsky Reveals microRNA

Image: Rajewsky Reveals microRNA

Senior Investigator Klaus Rajewsky, M.D., and colleagues recently published an important new discovery regarding microRNA's key role in regulating the immune response, in an April 2007 issue of Science magazine.

Rajewsky's group found that a particular microRNA known… Read Full Article »

Equipment Grant Bolsters Research

Image: Equipment Grant Bolsters Research

Thanks to the leadership of IDI Senior Investigator Judy Lieberman, M.D., Ph.D., the Institute has acquired a cutting-edge piece of hybrid technology - a multispectral imaging cytometer -- that promises to advance infectious disease research at IDI and… Read Full Article »

Molecule of the Month

Image: Molecule of the Month

If you see a car with a bumper sticker reading "My molecule won Molecule of the Month from the Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics," it's probably being driven by IDI Senior Investigator Tomas Kirchhuasen, Ph.D.

Indeed, the clathrin… Read Full Article »

AAI Honors CBRI's von Andrian and Alt

Image: AAI Honors CBRI's von Andrian and Alt

Senior Investigators Uli von Andrian, M.D., Ph.D. and Fred Alt, Ph.D., recently received prestigious awards from the American Association of Immunologists (AAI). von Andrian was honored with the AAI-BD Biosciences Investigator award, for outstanding early-career research in immunology,… Read Full Article »

CBRI News -- January 2007

Image: CBRI News -- January 2007

Rajewsky Named to Rosen Professorship

Senior Investigator Klaus Rajewsky, M.D., has been named as the first incumbent of the Fred S. Rosen Chair of Pediatrics at the Immune Disease Institute. The endowed Rosen Professorship has been established in… Read Full Article »