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Members of PCMM/IDI took to Boston Harbor on Monday Sept. 21st, heading to the Thompson Island Conference Center for our annual scientific retreat.  Sixteen Principal Investigators, seven Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members, twenty-six scientists from biopharma/biotech, and 138 IDI scientists joined our Scientific Director Fred Alt and President Ted Cronin three miles offshore in Boston Harbor.  The sunny and warm day was full of scientific talks, poster sessions, some soccer, and a keynote lecture.

James Allison, Chairman of the Immunology Program at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, presented the keynote lecture.  Earlier in the day, there were six scientific talks - four by IDI Investigators Motomu Shimaoka, Derrick Rossi, Florian Winau and Sun Hur, and two by presenters from Glaxo-Smith-Kline.  In addition, over 100 posters were on display.  Winners of the awards for best poster were - Shan Zha from the Alt Lab; Lei Lu, Aliaa Abdelhakim, and Francois Aguet from the Kirchhausen Lab; Baochun Zhang and Sergei Koralov from the Rajewsky Lab; Kian Peng Koh from the Rao Lab, Isabel Beerman from the Rossi Lab; Amy Xu. ChengZhong Zhang, and Jongseong Kim from the Springer Lab; Dimosthemis Mantopoulos and David Alvarez from the von Andrian Lab; and Alexandre Darmoise from the Winau Lab.

The presentation of so many projects in talks and in posters, and the fantastic company of people made for highly interactive discussions.

The next night the Baseball Tavern onshore played host to the retreat party.  SAB member Richard Flavell and his band The Cellmates were back to entertain the crowd.  Fred Alt, among others, joined the band on-stage.

Special thanks go to our retreat master-of-ceremonies Tom Kirchhausen, and to Zac DiPasquale, Peggy Bradley, Rachelle Rosenbaum and Ryan Dietz who were involved in organizing this great event.  Several people helped on site including Tim May, Amanda Majewski, Judy Needham, Catherine McDonald, and Erin Sadlowski. Our sincerest appreciation to our sponsors: Glaxo-Smith-Kline, the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, Novo Nordisk, CellZome, Baxter Healthcare, Biogen Idec and Drs. Sherwin Kevy and May Jacobson.