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Therapeutic antibodies developed by IDI Senior Investigator Timothy Springer, Ph.D., have been licensed by CytoDyn, Inc. of Santa Fe, New Mexico. CytoDyn intends to use the antibodies for creating new targeted immune therapies for HIV/AIDS--a potential solution to help address the problem of multi-drug resistant strains of HIV.

The Immune Disease Institute, as well as the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where Springer first discovered the antibodies, will receive revenue from the deal, plus future milestone and royalty payments. In light of the need for more effective HIV/AIDS therapeutics, CytoDyn and IDI have agreed to waive certain royalty provisions to ensure that this therapeutic is widely and freely available in Africa where it is needed most.

CytoDyn, a biotechnology company, acquired a license for the technology by purchasing another company, Advanced Genetic Technologies, in a stock transaction. The license is exclusive just for HIV therapeutics. The agreement also includes a bacterial plasmid technology, developed by Springer, which may serve as a diagnostic and screening tool for HIV/AIDS immunotherapies.

"We are very enthusiastic about working with CytoDyn, Inc. as they help to develop and commercialize this immune therapy for HIV/AIDS," says Ryan Dietz, who heads the Office of Technology Development at IDI. "This is a good example of the important translational research conducted at IDI."

"CytoDyn is very pleased to have acquired these technologies," said Allen D. Allen, Chief Executive Officer of CytoDyn. " Our hope is that these clones will be used for the improved version of Cytolin(r), our targeted immune therapy for HIV/AIDS, currently in Phase 1 clinical studies."