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Anil Chauhan was named the first recipient of the Mary Rhodes Gibson Memorial Award in Hemostasis & Thrombosis by the American Society of Hematology. Dr. Chauhan was recognized for attaining the highest score on his abstract in the field of hemostasis and thrombosis. Dr. Chauhan's research suggests that VWF-cleaving protease ADAMT13 (A Disintegrin-like And Metalloprotease with Thrombospondin type I repeats-13) has a powerful natural antithrombotic activity and recombinant ADAMTS13 could be used as an antithrombotic agent to treat disorders such as stroke. His studies also indicate a crucial role for ADAMTS13 in attenuating leukocyte rolling and adhesion to ultra large VWF presented by endothelial cells during inflammation, thus suggesting the role for ADAMTS13 both in thrombosis and inflammation.

Anil will receive a $5,000 grant from the Mary Rhodes Gibson Memorial Foundation, which was established in memory of Mary Rhodes Gibson, who suffered from severe, type 3 von Willebrand's disease. The award will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Hemotology in Atlanta, Georgia, December 8-11, 2007.

Dr. Chauhan would like to thank his mentor, Dr. Denisa Wagner, for her encouragement and he notes that teamwork in the laboratory was a vital part of his success. Anil Chauhan is an instructor at the Immune Disease Institute and Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School.