Contact: Alexander Shtifman
Phone: 617-713-8989

Dr. Hao Wu, a postdoctoral fellow in Zhang lab, was recently awarded the Pathway to Independence Award by the National Institutes of Health's National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) to support his research on the genomic and functional analysis of mammalian active DNA demethylation pathway. It is increasingly recognized that the mammalian genome acts not only as static storage of genetic information, but is also a subject to dynamic and reversible epigenetic modifications at cytosine bases through highly orchestrated cascade of enzymatic activities. Mutations in many proteins involved in depositing or interpreting specific cytosine modifications are implicated in a wide array of human diseases such as cancer and neurological disorders. Dr. Wu's study  aims to develop novel genomic sequencing and synthetic biology-based technologies to advance the understanding of the mechanism and function of active DNA demethylation in the mammalian genome.  This work may provide new insights into the basic biology of this important epigenetic regulatory process that carries the promise of new therapies and approaches for the treatment of human diseases.