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Denisa Wagner, a former member of the ISTH Council (2004-10), is the Edwin Cohn Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School in Boston. Among her many accomplishments, Wagner is credited with defining the cell biology of von Willebrand factor and uncovering the biological importance of P-selectin as well as the importance of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in thrombosis and sterile inflammation. Wagner and her colleagues were the first laboratory to study thrombosis, using the now widespread technique of intravital microscopy, in genetically-engineered mice.

The Robert P. Grant Medal is the highest award of the ISTH. It is presented at each biennial Congress of the Society to a recipient selected for outstanding service or accomplishment who has promoted the goals of the Society. This award may be for research achievement, for organizational activities, for important public recognition and support of research activities, for facilitation of institutional cooperation and communications, for unusual teaching or educational initiatives, or for the development of concepts which result in a clearer understand of the meaning of research data.