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On October 10th Children's Hospital Trust hosted an event entitled "The Next Big Idea" at the Four Seasons Hotel.  Denisa Wagner was a featured speaker presenting her latest research findings on ‘Thrombosis and Stroke" as part of the Trust's Flashpoint Campaign.  Timothy Springer, a member of the Trust Board, was an organizer of the event.

(l to r): Harvey Lodish, Mark Puder, Marsha Moses, George Daley, Denisa Wagner, and Isaac Kohane.  Photo courtesy of John Gillooly.

Harvey Lodish, a Boston Children's Hospital Trustee, concluded the presentations by highlighting the recent merger of the Immune Disease Institute with the hospital as the Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine.  He lauded the amazing research going on at BCH and noted that it ranks way above all other Children's Hospitals in the nation in ongoing research and support.