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There have been a number of changes at the Immune Disease Institute in the past year.   Until last year, Immune Disease Institute (IDI) was an independent non-profit research institute, affiliated with Harvard Medical School.  In February of 2009 IDI entered into a formal affiliation with Children's Hospital Boston (CHB), becoming the hospital's sixth multidisciplinary research program and its name was changed to the Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine/Immune Disease Institute (PCMM/IDI). This co-naming will continue until about October 2012, when legal and contractual obligations run their course and the merger of the two organizations becomes complete. At that point PCMM/IDI will simply be PCMM.

At the end of 2009, IDI president Ted Cronin retired after 24 years of service in several different roles.   In conjunction with Ted Cronin's retirement and also working towards our eventual merger with CHB, there have been a number of administrative changes during the past months.   Fred Alt, PhD, who previously was the scientific director of IDI and more recently director of the PCMM/IDI, has now been appointed by the PCMM/IDI Board of Trustees to also serve as  PCMM/IDI president until the merger is complete.  Steve Simmons, who was the director of finance and operations of IDI, has been appointed by the PCMM/IDI  Board of Trustees to served as Executive Director of the PCMM/IDI.

Fred Alt, as director and president, will continue to have ultimate oversight of the PCMM/IDI program, but the new role of Steve Simmons as Executive Director will allow Fred to continue to focus most of his attention and energies on the wonderful science he and other PCMM/IDI investigators are producing.   Steve Simmons, who will now report jointly to Fred Alt and David Kirshner, chief financial officer of CHB, will take on most of Ted Cronin's responsibilities including running of the day-to-day financial, administrative, and business operations of the PCMM/IDI.  In this context, the PCMM/IDI administrative staff will now all report to Steve Simmons and Steve should be consulted with respect to questions that previously would have been directed to Ted Cronin.   In addition, Peggy Bradley, PhD, MBA will continue in her position as chief scientific administrative officer, but will now jointly report to Fred Alt and Carleen Brunelli, PhD, MBA, vice president of Research Administration at CHB.  Peggy will handle the day-to-day operations of the research side of the program.

It has been our goal to make the transition of Ted's departure as seamless as possible. Other than the changes outlined above, the PCMM/IDI will continue business as usual and the administration and staff will continue to do all that they can to maintain and enhance the remarkable science being done here.