Wagner Lab Photos
After the Party at ISTH (2003)After the Party at ISTH (2003)
CBR 50th Anniversary CruiseCBR 50th Anniversary Cruise
Canoe Party  1 (2002)Canoe Party 1 (2002)
Canoe Party 2 (2002)Canoe Party 2 (2002)
Canoe Trip 1 (2004)Canoe Trip 1 (2004)
Canoe Trip 2 (2004)Canoe Trip 2 (2004)
Holiday Party (2001)Holiday Party (2001)
In the lab (1997)In the lab (1997)
International Lunch (2004)International Lunch (2004)
Lab Members (1985)Lab Members (1985)
Lab Members (2001)Lab Members (2001)
Lab Members (2007)Lab Members (2007)
Party at ISTH (2003)Party at ISTH (2003)
Party at Sea Crest (2003)Party at Sea Crest (2003)
Ski Trip (2001)Ski Trip (2001)
Ski Trip 1 (2004)Ski Trip 1 (2004)
Ski Trip 2 (2004)Ski Trip 2 (2004)
Summer (2005)Summer (2005)
Wagner Lab and Alumni (1998)Wagner Lab and Alumni (1998)
Paul Frenette and Cecile Denis (1995)Paul Frenette and Cecile Denis (1995)
Wagner Lab Photos
ASH San Francisco (2008)ASH San Francisco (2008)
Alumni at Carla's Wedding in Girona, Spain (2009)Alumni at Carla's Wedding in Girona, Spain (2009)
Cape Cod Retreat (2010)Cape Cod Retreat (2010)
ISTH Boston (2009)ISTH Boston (2009)
ISTH Geneva (2007)ISTH Geneva (2007)
Pool Party (2008)Pool Party (2008)
Protected from mice (2010)Protected from mice (2010)
Reunion in Marseille, France (2009)Reunion in Marseille, France (2009)
Inflammation induces hemorrhage in thrombocytopenia
Supplemental video from Goerge T, Ho-Tin-Noe B, Carbo C, Benarafa C, Remold-O’Donnell E, Zhao BQ, Cifuni SM and Wagner DD. Inflammation induces hemorrhage in thrombocytopenia. Blood 111: 4958-4964, 2008.
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