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Name Email Telephone Group
Yuan-Lin (Celine) Kang 617.713.8883 Kirchhausen Lab
Ilja K├╝sters Kirchhausen Lab
Ken Ketman 617.713.8932 Flow and Imaging Cytometry Resource
Nicolas Kielbania (3 Blackfan Circle) 617.919.4267 Environmental Health & Safety
Ji Hyung Kim 617.713.8353 Winau Lab
Jessica Kim 617.713.8352 Winau Lab
Tom Kirchhausen 617.713.8888 Kirchhausen Lab
Florian Koban 617.713.8894 Kirchhausen Lab
Stephen Kolifrath Hidde Ploegh
Miriama Kruta 617.713.8999 Rossi Lab
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