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Directory Results for the Letter:

Name Email Telephone Group
Zhaoqing Ba 617.919.2604 Alt Lab
Jennifer Ballew 617-713-8660 Zhang Lab
Luciana Barbosa 617-919-2539 Alt Lab
Natasha Barteneva 617.713.8930 Flow and Imaging Cytometry Resource
Amy Becker 617.713.8008 Rossi Lab
Isabel Beerman 617.713.8905 Rossi Lab
Preksha Bhagchandani Hidde Ploegh
Allison Bialas 617.713.8703 Carroll Lab
Andy Binker Cosen Lieberman Lab
Johanna Blass Wong Lab
Klaus Bonazza klaus.bonazza at Springer Lab
Nazim Bouatta nazim.bouatta at 617.713.8611 Lieberman Lab
Djenet Bousbaine Hidde Ploegh
Gunes Bozkurt Wu Lab
Jack Buchanan 617.713.8525 Procurement
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