IVIS SPECTRUM (molecular imaging in vivo)

 The IVIS SPECTRUM is one of the most versatile and advanced molecular imaging systems. The primary use of instrumentation is non-invasively monitor bioluminescence and fluorescence in small animals.  It has an incredibly sensitive camera combined with high energy trans- and epi- illumination that allows for bioluminescence and fluorescence detection. The imaging of up to 4 small animals, tissue samples and cell lines in the plates is possible. The system has 3D software and spectral unmixing capabilities. Location: FICR satellite facility at the NRB0044 room at the HCCM (24/7 access). The system also includes Living Image software allowing for advanced quantification in 3 dimensions. The instrument is available for not-supervised acquisition after training. This instrument is widely used in pre-clinical studies. For access to Calendar, please sign with FICR at iLABS (hourly fee for access to instrument is $60 per hour). 

FACSARIA cell sorters

We currently have three cell sorters: two 4- and one  5-laser FACSARIA II systems systems (A: 488, 640, 405/375;B: 488, 561, 640, 405;C: 355, 405, 488, 640, 594; FCS-PMT module and unique optics for microobjects). Instruments at 263A-WAB (FACSAria A) and 231-Armenise Special Order FACSAria C) rooms are open to users (7/24) after comprehensive training. The cell sorter B located in Baker Biohood (room 237) and requires assistance of trained staff (contact Kenneth Ketman at New sorter SONY SH800 (sorter D) will become available soon for independent sorting.

FACSCanto analyzers

We have 2 FACSCanto (488, 640, 405 lasers) at WAB 1 st floor, room 146 and CLSB room 3034 satellite locations (24/7 access). The FACSCanto-CLSB is getting BD Biosciences 96-well module. Two FACSCaliburs located in investigators laboratories are going to retire.

Imaging cytomer Imagestream X Mark II

 The  Imagestream X Mark II (lasers: 405 nm; 488 nm, 561 nm;640 nm; darkfield laser),equipped with Multimag option (40x; 60x objectives; 0.75 and 0.9 numerical aperture) and twelve image channels configuration. The Imagestream X Mark II is capable to acquire cells in 10 fluorescent channels, brightfield and darkfield channels, with a speed up to 5,000 events/sec.