Access Policies

Training and Scheduling:

We will change our Scheduling Calendars to iLABS next month.

For New users: Please, register at iLABs to request training. Multi-colour Cytometry Course required for use of analysers (FACSCanto-WAB and FACSCanto-CLSB). Cell Sorting Course required for independent use of cell sorters and available for experienced FACSCanto users (7/24 access for trained users to FACSAria-Standard and 5-lasers FACSAria-SORP). Imaging Cytometry and Molecular Imaging training are available upon request. Currently, calendars for Imagestream X Mark II, SONY cell sorter and IVIS Spectrum available only through iLABs. Our Scheduling Calendars for cell sorters and analysers are available at our laboratory website: Please, do not sign up for more than 5 hours of instrument time without FICR permission. Additionally, users are asked not to sign up more than 2 weeks in advance without a permission from FICR. Please, note that sorting of unfixed human or primate material. as well as lentivirus transduced or any other pathogenic material requires FICR approval and biosafety compliance.

Assisted Cell Sorting Requests:

The sorters can be operated independently only by trained and authorized users (Multi-colour cytometry and Cell Sorting Courses required). Please, contact Ken Ketman regarding assisted cell sorting (e-mail:

Outside users (academic users outside BCH and/or industrial users):

Please, provide unrestricted PO# and billing address to get access to FICR instrumentation.

BCH and PCMM-BCH users:

Please, provide  grant #. This is a responsibility of investigator to provide non-expired grant # or PO# and a correct billing address. Please, register at iLABs and e-mail this info to

Cancellation policy: cancellations on the instruments must be done 24 hours in advance to avoid billing charge. Cancellations on assisted sorting require 48 hours note, and 2 hours charge will be billed for late cancellations if the time is not reassigned to another user. 

Advisory Committee:

Co-Director: Derrick Rossi, Ph.D., Investigator, PCMM/BCH, Associate Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard Medical School 

Co-Director: Florian Winau, Ph.D., Investigator, PCMM/ BCH, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School.