Access Policies

Training and Scheduling:

Multi-colour Cytometry Course required for use of our analysers (FACSCanto-WAB and FACSCanto-CLSB). Cell Sorting Course required for independent use of our cell sorters (FACSAria-Standard and 5-lasers FACSAria-SORP). Cytometry training courses are available monthly. Imaging Cytometry and Molecular Imaging training are available upon request. Our Scheduling Calendars are available at our laboratory website:

Assisted Cell Sorting Requests:

The sorters can be operated independently only by trained and authorized users (Multi-colour cytometry and Cell Sorting Courses required). Please, contact Ken Ketman regarding assisted cell sorting (e-mail:

Outside users:

We would need unrestricted PO# to get access to our instrumentation from outside-BCH users. BCH and PCMM-BCH users provide their grant ##. This is a responsibility of investigator to provide grant # or PO# and a billing address. Please, e-mail this info to

Advisory Committee:

Co-Director: Derrick Rossi, Ph.D., Investigator, PCMM/BCH, Assistant Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard Medical School 

Co-Director: Florian Winau, Ph.D., Investigator, PCMM/ BCH, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunology and Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School.