The Flow and Imaging Cytometry Resource provides access to instrumentation for 1) fluorescence-activated cell sorting; 2) in vivo molecular imaging with IVIS SPECTRUM; 3) imaging flow cytometry and extensive training to all investigator labs from the Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, the Boston Children's Hospital and HMS scientific community on case-by-case basis. We are available for grant-funded collaborative research community in and outside BCH and HMS. Fee-for-services and training inquires should be directed to Flow and Imaging Cytometry Resource Lab Manager Kenneth Ketman (


Our Books: Imaging Flow Cytometry: Methods and Protocols. Editors: Natasha S Barteneva, Ivan A Vorobjev, Humana press, 2016, 295 pp. 

Selected Publications on Imaging Flow Cytometry and laser scanning cytometry:

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Selected Publications on multi-parametric cell sorting:

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Selected Publications on extracellular vesicles:

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